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Veljan grows with its employees giving them a Beneficial Experience associated with motivation for Innovation and creativity, because at Veljan Innovation is brought by way of 'Higher' Engineering. Engineers enjoy shaping in microns thereby giving the most beautiful and high quality product to the outside world. These tough but sensitive Engineers are supported by intellectual Back end support services leading Veljan to a huge success.

The employees form a bigger picture of success because Veljan owns the Success of its Employees. Veljan family invites the exceptional talent but believes in polishing the diamond to its value. It creates a zone of comfort to work harder getting trained to be stress free and to gain increased incomparable knowledge that anyone can ever get. Veljan is the platform for most of them who built their career to the utmost heights.

The work culture at Veljan talks about the Respect that a trainee gets on par with the Respect or value that any senior or Top Management receives. There is lot of Freedom at Work place not violating the standard Operating procedures but encourage doing things differently.

Veljan treats its employees as an honour to have them work for ages proudly appreciating the dedication, passion and commitment that its employees show. Employees at Veljan feel the personal touch with a Sense of Belongingness that “VELJAN” is a part of their family.

Veljan ensures work life balance for its employees. That is why. “Once associated with Veljan the Bonding never fades”.