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Manifold Blocks

Maniflod Blocks

The manifolds is the central muscle control of the hydraulic system receiving inputs from switches, manual operations (levers), or electronic feedback systems. These inputs energize various valves mounted on or in the manifold, specific oil pathways allow oil to flow through hydraulic lines to the appropriate actuator to perform work. the complex matrix of variables can make manifold design and components selection a challenging and rewarding art form, as size, weight, function, performance, and operating environment are always part of the design consideration.

In addition to providing a neat and logical layout, consolidating components into a manifold reduces space and pressure drops. This results in fewer fittings more efficient assembly times, and reduced leak points. Manifolds are sometimes viewed as black boxes, as they can be highly complex with upwards of 500 holes communicating with each other and many valves on a single block.

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